We love mountain biking.

Seek Mountain Bike Componentry was founded out of a love for riding bikes in the dirt, two decades into this industry and it still makes us feel like it did when we were kids.  After investing heavily in carbon wheels from other companies, we were left feeling unsatisfied, with a flurry of problems we felt should have easy solutions.  So in early 2016 we went to work on the Transcend rim, several incarnations down the line we landed on a product that solved all of those problems, that we could offer to the market at a fair price.

Transcend close up.

 We are here to produce wheel options that bring another level of performance to your bicycle, and to constantly strive to meet the needs of riders who want to enjoy our product.


We are mountain bikers, it is our hobby as well as our livelihood.
 We build products that we want to ride, and that maintain a standard of quality that we would expect as if we were the end user. 
But mostly we want to build a connection between Seek and the riders using our product.  We want to keep building products that improve your ride, and we want to help make every ride better.